Spoiler Alert: Ahsoka’s Upcoming Episodes will Be Total Game Changer

Image Credit Disney+

Ahsoka Tano will emerge as “Ahsoka the White” in upcoming episodes.

The live-action series Ahsoka has been creating waves in the Star Wars community, and its fifth episode has been claimed to be a game-changer set to get released on the big screen. The show has already delivered several jaw-dropping twists, much like the fourth episode that left fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Episode 4 of Ahsoka concluded with a spectacular introduction of Anakin Skywalker. The episode saw her waking up in the World Between Worlds after falling from the cliff, hinting at her reunion with her former master who is now a Mortis God.

Regarding upcoming spoilers,  insider MTTSH suggests that Ahsoka Tano will encounter various “What If” scenarios where one vision includes her younger self having a battle with Anakin Skywalker instead of his fellow Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Another vision presents an alternate reality where she confronts and defeats Thrawn instead of guiding Ezra Bridger to another galaxy.

It looks like these visions are all designed to make her understand that, no matter what course of action she takes, things will turn out the same way.

Ultimately Ahsoka’s journey will end by transforming as “Ahsoka the White,” symbolizing her growth and enlightenment, which we got a glimpse of in the series finale of Star Wars Rebels.

The exact timing of Ahsoka’s transformation remains uncertain, with speculation about whether it will occur in the season finale or during the build-up. The half-answers to these exciting questions will be revealed in “Ahsoka” Episode 5, set to premiere on September 12th.


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