Spoiler Alert: Most Anticipated Character Introduced in Ahsoka 3rd Episode

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The third episode of Ahsoka has now introduced the New Galaxy Chancellor and Star Wars Rebels character.

The highly anticipated third episode of the live-action series, “Ahsoka,” has graced our screens, unveiling a monumental character revelation that has sent shockwaves through the Star Wars universe.

Which Character Revealed in Ahsoka Episode 3?

In this latest episode, the spotlight falls on Mon Mothma, who becomes the galaxy’s new Chancellor. The add-on excitement is that the episode also introduces Grand Admiral Thrawn, a beloved character from “Star Wars Rebels.”

The episode story unfolds as Hera Syndulla seeks the help of Chancellor Mon Mothma, portrayed by the talented Genevieve O’Reilly, to stop the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

When Thrawn’s name is mentioned, both a group of Senators and Mon Mothma, now leading the New Republic, become quite alarmed. Hamato Xiono from “Star Wars Resistance” (played by Nelson Lee) is part of the Senators’ group and decides that it’s not a good idea to use New Republic resources for Hera’s mission to find Ezra Bridger, which they think might not succeed.

The episode further explores a young character named Jacen Syndulla, who is the son of Hera and the late Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus. Jacen with green hair expresses his desire to become a Jedi to his mother.

It’s uncertain whether he possesses the unique abilities of a Jedi, known as being Force-sensitive, but this instance could be important.

Considering how strong and skilled Kanan was, it would be quite surprising if Jacen didn’t want to be like his father. We are hoping that he doesn’t become Luke Skywalker’s apprentice, especially in light of the challenges faced by Luke Skywalker’s students.

The legacy of Kanan’s strength and influence would naturally pave the way for high expectations that Jacen would continue his father’s remarkable journey.

If you missed the revelation of the intriguing characters, you can now watch the first three episodes of “Ahsoka” on Disney+.


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