Star Wars Ahsoka: This New Theory on Marrok Has Brought Major Twits

marrok in Ahsoka
Image credit Star Wars

Another theory about Marrok reveals his identity and backstory in Ahsoka.

Since Marrok was introduced in the Ahsoka series, fans have been making many theories to find out his true identity. So far, the series has kept viewers hooked by a mysterious masked warrior who was part of a trio working with Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ally, Morgan Elsbeth. Unlike Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, Marrok’s true identity and backstory might hold a substantial plot twist yet to be revealed.

The intriguing fan theories and episode 3 hinted that the masked man could be Ezra Bridger, Episode 4 of Ahsoka disclosed that Marrok was simply another instance of a trend in Star Wars characters with striking designs but limited depth.

The shocking death of Marrok in Episode 4 left fans in disbelief, and the unusual nature of his death has brought in new theories and speculations. Marrok crumbling into a green mist has aroused another theory by Star Wars Animation fans. The oh-so-conspicuous effect of the gaseous green substance escaping from his body resembles the magic used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and in one of the video games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

This theory indicates that Marrok wasn’t simply a former Inquisitor working for Morgan Elsbeth but was a deceased Inquisitor revived through the mystic arts of the Nightsisters, a power that Morgan possesses. This revelation adds a fascinating layer to the character’s backstory.

If you haven’t watched Ahsoka yet, all four episodes are exclusively available on Disney+.


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