Star Wars: Ahsoka’s 5th Episode to Hit Theatres

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Epic Ahsoka’s Cinematic action-packed showdown will soon grace the big screens.

Dave Filoni’s live-action series Ahsoka has begun with an enthusiastic start and now has reached the middle of the story with major Twists and turns. The overwhelming adoration from fans has prompted Star Wars to make a bold move by releasing its 5th episode on the big screen.

Is Ahsoka Episode 5 in theaters?

On 6th September, Star Wars took to Twitter to announce the thrilling news of releasing Ahsoka’s 5th Episode in theatres on 12th September. This announcement has waves of excitement through the Star Wars fandom.

The conclusion of episode 4 left fans awe-struck as Anakin Skywalker, portrayed by Hayden Christensen, made his return, hinting at an epic story plot involving Anakin and Ahsoka.

This theatrical release of Ahsoka’s Episode 5 marks a monumental Star Wars event, matching the scale of The Rise of Skywalker which premiered on big screens in 2019.

Star Wars Ahsoka 5th episode to hit theatres release date

While Ahsoka Episode 5 will still be available for streaming at its usual time on Disney+ on Tuesday, 12th September. Fans in the United States have a special treat as the episode will have a theatrical showing in ten select theater seats with free tickets.

Seats are limited and will be allocated based on first-come, first-served. Fans can RSVP for this exclusive event at gofobo.

In addition to the US theaters, Ahsoka will also be gracing the big screens in three international cities: London, UK; Bangkok, Thailand; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fans living in these global locations can secure their tickets through the official fan event website.

So, get ready to witness an unforgettable cinematic experience of Ahsoka on 12th September 2023 in theatres.

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