Thanksgiving: Here are 4 Interesting Facts About Actor Nell Verlaque

Thanksgiving Here are 4 Interesting Facts About Actor Nell Verlaque

In the uncanny world of horror cinema, where masked figures haunt the shadows and suspense fills the air. Amidst this darkness, a rising star Nell Verlaque,  known for her gripping performance as Jessica in the spine-tingling thriller “Thanksgiving,” makes fans wonder who is she beyond the screen.

Here are 4 fascinating facts about Nell Verlaque that will leave you in awe

1. Nell’s Musical Talent

Did you know that Nell Verlaque isn’t just an actress? She’s also a talented singer-songwriter! Standing tall at 5′ 11¾”, Nell released five singles in 2022, including catchy tunes like LA, Babe and Landlines, which you can jam to on Spotify and her YouTube channel.

2. A Hand in Creating Jessica

Nell didn’t just show up on set and deliver lines for her character, Jessica, in Thanksgiving. Nope, she actually helped shape Jessica’s personality! She worked closely with director Eli Roth, giving her input and ideas to make Jessica feel more real. From discussing high school gossip to developing Jessica’s friendships, Nell made sure her character was as authentic as possible.

3. Dreaming of a Thanksgiving’s 70s Sequel

Ever wondered what Nell hopes for in the sequel to Thanksgiving? Well, she’s got a groovy idea! Nell dreams of the next movie being set in the 1970s, serving as an origin story. She trusts the director and writer to cook up something “bizarre” yet “entertaining” for the fans.

4. She will be seen in Another Movie Soon

What’s next for Nell Verlaque after wielding an axe on Thanksgiving? She’s jumping into a movie called Zoo, where she will play Haley. Directed by Simon Hacker, the movie follows a struggling realtor whose life takes an unexpected turn when his daughter shows up out of the blue.

If you want to keep up with Nell, you can find her on Instagram at nellverlaque. And don’t forget, you can watch Thanksgiving on Netflix!


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