The Bear Season 3 Reveals New Release Window – Coming Sooner Than Expected

The Bear Season 3 Reveals New Release Window

The restaurant-focused dramedy, The Bear created by Christopher Storer has garnered widespread acclaim with its successful first and second seasons on Hulu. Following two successful seasons, the beloved series is now gearing up for its highly anticipated third season, which has recently received an updated release window.

During a recent presentation at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, FX chairman John Landgraf unveiled the eagerly awaited release window for Season 3.

Although the precise date for The Bear Season 3 remains unspecified, Landgraf confirmed that viewers can anticipate the brand-new season in June 2024. Additionally, he reiterated Hulu’s dedication to releasing all episodes in a single move, imparting visitors with an immersive binge-looking experience.

Reflecting on past seasons, Landgraf acknowledged the anxiety-inducing nature of the show and hinted at a beautiful and uplifting ending for season 3.

“It wasn’t lost on me or anyone who worked on the show that it was anxiety-inducing, So we made a decision to drop the whole thing because it has a beautiful, uplifting ending.”

Despite queries about guest stars, Landgraf remained tight-lipped, stating that, “Unfortunately, I can’t [reveal any guest stars]. I was surprised as you were when the Christmas episode came through the door.”

Given that both previous seasons debuted on Thursdays in June (Season 1 on 23rd June 2022 and Season 2 on 22nd June 2023), speculation points towards a potential release date of 20th June or 27th June for Season 3.

Although filming details are yet to be unveiled, the new release window has undoubtedly added anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting The Bear Season 3.


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