The Boys Season 4 Has Some New Exciting Update

The Boys Season 4 Has Some New Exciting Update
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Homeland star Antony Starr has provided an exciting update for fans of the smash Prime Video series The Boys. It has been unknown how the tale would take up after the game-changing storyline involving Homelander and his son Ryan as shooting on the series didn’t begin until August of 2022.

A recent Instagram post, however, indicated that Starr had wrapped filming and was returning home. When asked if other actors had finished filming, he said, “wheels are still turning but we are peeling away.”

The third season of The Boys left viewers wondering if Ryan would end up like his wicked father, and it appears that his role will only increase in the forthcoming fourth season. The addition of Cameron Crovetti as a series regular suggests that the father-son dynamic will be explored further.

Reaction images of Homelander have become internet sensations, making him the show’s most known character. Many have voiced their support for award consideration for Starr for his portrayal of the villain. The program has to strike a balance to portray Homelander as a captivating opponent without giving him all the juicy moments just to keep up with his renegade image.

As additional actors wrap up filming, viewers will learn how The Boys intends to continue its most compelling narrative threads. Some major cast members might be added, while some could be written out. Whatever happens, Season 4 has fans anticipating what will happen next.


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