The Brothers Sun: A Glimpse into Season 2 Possibilities

The Brothers Sun season 3

The action-packed Netflix series, The Brothers Sun revolves around a Taipei gangster striving to shield his family amid a tumultuous gang war.

Starring Michelle Yeoh and Justin Chien, the show debuted its eight episodes on January 5 sparking interest in the potential for a Season 2.

Creator Byron Wu’s Hopeful Update on Season 2

In a recent interview, Byron Wu, the creator and writer shared his optimism about a Season 2.

Expressing his desire to continue the series, Wu emphasized the importance of favorable Netflix viewership numbers hoping for a green light for the next season.

Setting Sights on Netflix’s Top 10 List

Wu’s aspirations include securing a prominent spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list aiming for the series to claim the number one position. This ambition underscores the team’s dedication to delivering an engaging narrative that resonates with audiences.

Justin Chien’s Enthusiastic Stance on Season 2

Lead actor Justin Chien echoed Wu’s sentiments expressing that few things would make him happier than a Season 2. Describing the filming experience as special and the cast and crew as a “family“, Chien highlighted the profound impact of working on The Brothers Sun.

Season 1 Finale: Resolved Conflicts and Unseen Threats

The Season 1 finale seemingly wrapped up conflicts by portraying characters embarking on new journeys.

However, a post-credits scene hinted at looming threats setting the stage for potential turmoil. Wu and co-creator Brad Falchuk emphasized that the formidable gangster, Big Sun is not one to accept defeat easily.

Season 2 Anticipation: A Continuation of Gangster Dynamics

While Season 2 details remain undisclosed, it’s evident that creators Wu and Falchuk have plans in motion likely involving the resurgence of Big Sun. The gangster’s enduring presence assures fans that the narrative will delve deeper into the complexities of gangster life.

As fans eagerly await news of Season 2, the blend of action, family dynamics, and unresolved threats in The Brothers Sun ensures an engaging continuation. The series currently available on Netflix has the potential to carve out its space among the streaming giant’s acclaimed offerings.


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