The Cast of Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ Is Just Awesome


Fifteen years have passed since the release of Iron Man, and now MCU fans are entering Phase 5. While everyone was expecting the Avengers to join up, Marvel was secretly assembling its own anti-hero squad, the Thunderbolts. It’s the Marvel equivalent of DC’s Suicide Squad, and it promises to be an awesome spectacle. For me, the prospect of seeing one of these ethically ambiguous figures finally find his or her place on a winning squad is exciting. The formal ensemble for Thunderbolts was announced at the D23 Expo in September 2022, sending supporters into a frenzy of excitement. Yelena and Bucky in the same film? I’m not sure I can take all of this enthusiasm! The movie will start filming this summer, and we can’t wait until its July 26, 2024 premiere date. The Thunderbolts are similar to the Avengers, but they consist of anti-heroes and criminals rather than the usual heroes. We’re already familiar and fond of these heroes because they’ve featured in numerous other MCU films. The Winter Soldier, alias Bucky Barnes, was last seen in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Bucky learned some hard facts about his history and made a good ally in Sam Wilson during that series. In the forthcoming film Captain America: New World Order, Sam will don the iconic shield and shield bearer’s shield. Black Widow (formerly known as Yelena Belova) was last seen in the Hawkeye movies. I adore Yelena because she is such a fascinating person. Yelena Romanoff is having a hard time finding her footing and making sense of the world after the death of her sister, Natasha. And finally, the last time we saw Ghost, alias Ava Starr, was in Ant-Man and the Wasp. She’s a tough cookie, and I’m crossing my fingers that her health has improved since we last saw her so that she can begin a new life as an anti-hero. In general, I’m very excited to see this group of former criminals come together to form a heroic squad. What Marvel has planned for the Thunderbolts has the potential to be very thrilling.


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