The Chilling End of ‘Drag Me to Hell’ – Christine’s Fate Revealed

Image Credit Netflix

In the film ‘Drag Me to Hell’ Christine Brown a loan officer faces a sinister curse that threatens her very soul. The story unfolds as she becomes entangled in a malevolent web of dark forces.

After a seemingly routine decision to foreclose on Sylvia Ganush’s home, Christine is hexed by the old woman. Christine’s life takes a nightmarish turn when she learns of the curse and the three-day deadline hanging over her head.

Desperate Measures to Break the Curse

With her sanity and soul at stake, Christine seeks help from a fortune teller Rham Jas who reveals the presence of the demonic entity known as the Lamia. To break the curse Christine must find a way to get rid of the cursed button.

A Moral Dilemma: Passing on the Curse

As Christine’s time runs out she contemplates the moral dilemma of passing on the curse to save herself. Her internal conflict drives her to consider transferring the curse to an innocent elderly woman.

In her last attempt to lift the curse, Christine returns to the graveyard to rid herself of the cursed button. The consequences of her choices loom large as time ticks away.

In the movie’s final scene, Christine’s destiny is sealed. Dragged away by demonic hands onto a railway track she falls to her doom while her boyfriend Clay is helpless to save her.

The Message of ‘Drag Me to Hell’

Beneath the supernatural horror, the film carries a deeper message about the repercussions of greed and ambition. Christine’s choices ultimately lead to her cursed fate serving as a chilling reminder of the horrors that can lurk behind personal desires for success and wealth.

Christine’s journey comes to an inescapable conclusion confirming her tragic fate in a realm of eternal torment. The film’s final scene leaves no room for doubt as to her outcome.


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