The Chosen Potential Movie: Creator’s Update

The Chosen Potential Movie Creator's Update

The creator of the popular Christian drama series, The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins hinted at a significant change for the show.

While the series has already seen success with theatrical releases of its Christmas specials and select Season 3 episodes, Jenkins is considering transitioning from the television format to a feature film.

Focus on Revival

Jenkins revealed plans for a potential movie centered around the Revival of Christ, a significant event in Biblical narrative.

While Season 6 of the series will cover Christ’s Crucifixion, Jenkins is contemplating showcasing the Resurrection either in the following season or as part of a feature film.

Expected Cast and Timeline

The prospective film is expected to feature Jonathan Roumie as Jesus and other recurring cast members.

However, fans may need to wait at least three years for the movie’s release as Season 6 is set to premiere within two years.

Different Narrative Approach

Jenkins emphasized that The Chosen’s approach differs from previous Biblical adaptations by focusing on character perspectives rather than solely on Jesus.

The series aims to provide a deeper understanding of the individuals who encountered Christ.

Audience Reception and Decision-making

While the Resurrection movie is not yet confirmed, Jenkins highlighted the importance of audience reception both in theaters and at home.

The success of Season 4’s theatrical release will influence future decisions regarding potential movie adaptations.

Jenkins’ Vision and Challenges

Jenkins initially felt called to make movies but hesitated due to the perceived quality of Christian films. However he recognized the need for high-quality storytelling in the genre leading him to create The Chosen.

Comparison with Mel Gibson’s Project

The potential Resurrection movie from The Chosen may coincide with Mel Gibson’s own project. Gibson revealed plans for a Resurrection film involving themes of “hell” and “angels falling” offering audiences diverse interpretations of the Biblical narrative.

Awaiting Further Updates

While The Chosen Season 4 is currently playing in theaters, its streaming release date remains unknown.

Fans eagerly anticipate updates on the series’ future direction and the possibility of a Resurrection movie.


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