The Family Business Season 5 Update: When Will It Be Released?

Image Credit BET

Excitement is building as fans eagerly await the release of “The Family Business Season 5”, especially after an intriguing update from its creator, Carl Weber.

The show inspired by Weber’s crime drama book series revolves around the Duncan family who operate a car dealership in New York while concealing their illegal activities. With a stellar cast led by Ernie Hudson and Armand Assante, “The Family Business” has become a hit series.

The Creator’s Season 5 Update

Season 4 of this beloved series premiered on BET (Black Entertainment Television) on September 1, 2022, concluding on October 27, 2022. While there hasn’t been an official announcement from BET about the return of “The Family Business” for Season 5 the show’s creator, Carl Weber shared an exciting update via Facebook.

Weber revealed that they had completed about 40% of Season 5 before the Hollywood writers’ strike disrupted production. He mentioned that he had been overseas during the strike and expressed his hope for the actors’ situation to be resolved so that he could resume work on “The Family Business.” Weber also shared that the first four seasons of the show would soon be available on Netflix with credit to BET for making it happen.

Although it’s not explicitly clear whether Weber was referring to filming or writing in his update, it appears that production for Season 5 had already started and was 40% complete. Considering the timeline of the Season 4 finale, this update aligns with the writing phase being finished and filming in progress.

Release Expectations

Analyzing past release dates Season 3 of “The Family Business” premiered on October 14, 2021, while Season 4 came out on October 27, 2022, with a one-year gap between them. Season 5’s intended release was likely set for October 2023 but the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strikes caused a delay.

If the actors’ strike ends within the next month or before 2024, filming and post-production may require an additional two to three months, potentially leading to a Spring 2024 release for Season 5 on BET. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the first four seasons of “The Family Business” available for streaming on BET+.

The future of “The Family Business” Season 5 looks promising and viewers are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Duncan family’s thrilling story.


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