THE FLASH Becomes One of the Most Expensive Superhero Movies Ever

flash movie budget
Image credit DCU

The Flash has made history as the 9th most expensive movie with its budget levitating around the $300 million mark.

It seems, Andy Muschietti the film director spared no expense in bringing “The Flash” to life, which hit theaters in June 2023. As reported by THR, the film boasted a budget of $330 million.

Initial estimations placed the production cost of DCU’s “The Flash” at $200 million, but recent reports indicate that the final worldwide box office earnings reached $268 million, nearly approaching $300 million. The budget increase could likely be attributed to an extensive marketing campaign aimed at overshadowing certain controversies involving Ezra Miller.

While the reasons behind the movie’s disappointing box office performance have been debated extensively online, it’s worth considering Blue Beetle’s poor debut. This suggests that the challenges faced by the DC brand might be the underlying issue, surpassing individual film factors. But the point to be noted is, that “The Flash” even outpaced the budget of “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The Flash Movie Story Plot

In “The Flash,” the plot follows Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Barry Allen. He goes on a time-travel journey to change the past, accidentally altering the future. However, his attempt to save his family unintentionally reshapes the future, leaving Barry trapped in a reality where General Zod’s return threatens annihilation and there are no heroes to help.

Barry’s task is to bring a retired Batman out of hiding and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian, even though it’s not the one he was initially looking for.


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