The Future of Locke & Key: Season 4 Possibilities and Netflix’s Decision


Fans of Netflix’s Locke & Key are left wondering if the popular fantasy horror series will ever make a comeback with Season 4 after its conclusion in Season 3.

Locke & Key Journey

The series which concluded on August 10, 2022 followed the Locke family’s adventures with mysterious keys that unlocked magical doors in their Keyhouse residence. Adapted from a comic book series, Locke & Key received positive reviews over its three-season run on Netflix.

Season 4: A Distant Possibility

Despite its success, there are no plans for a new season anytime soon. In April 2022 shortly after the Season 3 renewal, it was reported that the show would definitively end after Season 3.

Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill expressed that three seasons were the “ideal length” for the story they wanted to tell.

Conflicting Statements

While Averill mentioned in an earlier interview that she, the cast, and the crew would “love to do many many seasons of the show” the official decision was to conclude after Season 3.

The showrunners expressed gratitude for the opportunity to tell the story they envisioned but clarified that Netflix currently has no plans for more content within the franchise.

Season 4 Plot Possibilities

The conclusion of Season 3 left some intrigue with the possibility of more magical keys hinted at by a mysterious whisper in the final moments. While it could be a standalone moment, it opens the door for potential plot points in Season 4.

Netflix Crossover Potential

Given that both Locke & Key and Netflix’s The Sandman are based on comics and are under the Netflix umbrella there’s speculation about a crossover.

The comics previously had a crossover and with both series on the same streaming platform, the idea of characters from Locke & Key making cameo appearances in The Sandman becomes a plausible future possibility.

Streaming Information

For those eager to revisit the magical world of Locke & Key, all three seasons are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

As fans eagerly await any updates on the series’ future, the fate of Locke & Key remains uncertain leaving the possibility of a return in Season 4 to the imagination of its dedicated audience.


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