The Gilded Age: Executive Producer Drops Intriguing Clues for Season 3

The Gilded Age season 3

As The Gilded Age Season 2 concludes its enthralling run on HBO Max fans are already buzzing with anticipation for Season 3. Executive producer Sonja Warfield has provided intriguing insights into the forthcoming season, heightening anticipation among fans.

This Julian Fellowes‘ drama Season 2 takes place in 1880s New York and depicts the conflicts among rich households, ending with a surprising cliffhanger. According to Variety, the show has been officially renewed for Season 3 in December 2023.

In an exclusive interview with Collider, Sonja Warfield hinted at the evolving narrative, particularly focusing on the character Bertha. “She has an agenda, and look how far she’s come. She’s not going back ever,” Warfield revealed, suggesting a tumultuous journey for Bertha and George’s marriage.

Sonja Warfield: "[Bertha] has an agenda, and look how far she's come. She's not going back ever, and she can only thirst for more, whatever more is for her. She basically told George, 'Get out of the way and just stay in your lane.' So that's gonna put the marriage under pressure."

Speaking about the complex relationships in the series, Warfield, in an interview with Above the Line, teased,

"We’ve deepened the relationships. If we got a Season Three, Season Three of shows usually is a sweet spot because the actors really know their characters."

Sonja Warfield further added,

“They’re coming into their own. The show is building, so that would be lovely and nice if everybody watched and came back and allowed us to do that."

This hints at a promising continuation, building on the character dynamics explored so far.

Addressing the shocking twist involving Ada’s newfound wealth in the Season 2 finale, Warfield shared insights with TV Insider. The goal was to “upend that power dynamic” between Ada and her sister Agnes, setting the stage for a potential exploration of their evolving relationship in Season 3.

Sonja Warfield: “We did want to upend that power dynamic. Ada had really been oppressed by Agnes.”

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Warfield discussed the possibility of delving into the life of Peggy and the Black elite in Newport.

Sonja Warfield:  “There was a Black elite also in Newport, and because Newport’s so small, they lived among white people. I absolutely want to see more of Peggy’s life.”

“God willing, if we have a third season, there’s a lot we want to explore.” She expressed, highlighting the untold stories waiting to be unveiled.

The executive producer commended creator Julian Fellowes for telling a story that has been eagerly anticipated, noting the excitement across diverse audiences.

Sonja Warfield:  "What I loved about what Julian [Fellowes] did was that he told a story that has been waiting to be told, and whenever I go out and speak about the show, everyone, all ethnicities, are so excited to see this because they haven’t seen it before."

As the show continues to break new ground, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on Season 3‘s production schedule.

As of now, the shooting schedule for Season 3 is yet to be confirmed. However, fans can indulge themselves in streaming Seasons 1 and 2 of The Gilded Age on HBO Max.


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