The Trust: Netflix Finale Episode 8 – Release Date & Remaining Details

The Trust Netflix Finale Episode 8

As Netflix’s reality series, The Trust nears its conclusion, fans are eager to discover which contestant will secure the prize money from the vault.

With only one episode left, the stakes are high especially considering that six out of the original 11 players have already been eliminated: Juelz Simone, Bryce Jay, Winnie and Lindsey.

Release Date and Schedule Recap

The first four episodes of The Trust debuted on January 10, followed by episodes 5 to 7 on January 17. The finale Episode 8 is set to be released on Wednesday, January 24 at 3:00 a.m. ET.

Plot Developments Leading to the Finale

The series has seen intense betrayals and schemes within the villa keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. A notable revelation occurred when Bryce confessed to being a millionaire in Episode 1 influencing subsequent events. Bryce’s elimination followed orchestrated by the alliance of Julie, Winnie and Tolú.

The alliance dynamics shifted as Winnie faced eviction after a strategic move by the male contestants led by Gaspare. Further Lindsey’s elimination was marked by revenge from Tolú and mistrust from Gaspare’s group during the Trust ceremony. Jay, opting for self-elimination departed with $25000.

Anticipation for the Finale

As the finale approaches, the remaining players Julie and Tolú, find them in a precarious situation.

The male contestants – Brian, Gaspare and Jake – could choose to eliminate both women securing equal shares from the vault. However, the unpredictable nature of The Trust suggests an every-man-for-himself scenario in the final Trust ceremony.

Streaming Information

The first seven episodes of The Trust are available for streaming on Netflix building anticipation for the gripping conclusion in Episode 8. Viewers are in for an exciting ride as alliances crumble, trust wavers and the quest for the prize intensifies.


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