Tom Cruise Reviews on The Flash Movie

Tom Cruise Reviews on The Flash Movie

The upcoming release of The Flash movie is a highly anticipated event for fans of DC comics. Tom Cruise, a well-known Hollywood actor, had the privilege of viewing a preview of the movie before its scheduled June release.

The film features Ezra Miller in the lead role as the titular speedster, Barry Allen, embarking on a multiversal journey where he will encounter alternate versions of heroes and villains from the old DCEU, as well as new characters. DC has high hopes for The Flash, and Cruise’s favorable opinion of the movie is a good sign.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, who was responsible for cancelling DC’s Batgirl movie, had a meeting with Cruise and expressed his excitement for The Flash. Cruise was intrigued by the highly anticipated DC film and requested a private screening before its official release.

Zaslav arranged for an employee to bring the movie to Cruise’s home for a private viewing. The Hollywood star was reportedly impressed with the film, and personally contacted the movie’s director, Andy Muschietti, to congratulate him. Cruise is said to have praised The Flash as “everything you want in a movie” and “the kind of movie we need now.”


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