Tom Cruise to Feature in One Of His Most Underrated Movies?


The Firm is one of Tom Cruise’s most underappreciated pictures, so the possibility of a remake has admirers ecstatic. The Firm, starring Tom Cruise as litigator Mitch McDeere, was adapted from a John Grisham book of the same name. In this fictional account, protagonist McDeere works for a renowned law company, where he soon learns that many of the firm’s customers are engaged in criminal activity. The film presents the moral dilemma of whether to assist the FBI and do the right thing, or to turn a blank eye and protect his reputation and principles. Now, fifteen years later, John Grisham has announced that he will print the sequel to The Firm, dubbed The Exchange: After the Firm. McDeere facilitates a high-stakes swap to free an abducted law partner in the novel’s exciting plot. Readers can anticipate a thrilling judicial drama with Tom Cruise arranging the money. The Firm, the highest-grossing version of a John Grisham novel, earned over $270 million globally, so a movie based on the new book could be a commercial triumph. There has been much speculation among fans about whether or not Tom Cruise will return for the movie. As seen in films like Mission: Impossible III and Top Gun: Maverick, it wouldn’t be the first time Cruise has returned to the characters he made famous. The 60-year-old performer would be a great pick to reprise his role as McDeere in a potential successor to The Firm. There should also be a cameo appearance by Jeanne Tripplehorn, who portrayed McDeere’s wife Abby in the first movie. Even if Tom Cruise were to reprise his role in The Firm, it wouldn’t be the longest time he’d spent between films. He first played Maverick in 1984’s Top Gun and returned to the character 36 years later in Top Gun: Maverick. Fans are also hoping that Cruise will reprise his role as Les Grossman in the follow-up to the 2008 farce Tropic Thunder. However, at this time we don’t know if the new book will be adapted into a picture or if Cruise will reprise his role as McDeere.


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