Top 10 Best SCI FI Movies On Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO MAX (Not So Popular)


Hello! Today we will cover the best as well as lesser-known yet entertaining sci-fi films that you may not have watched. Rather than concentrating on blockbusters, we have chosen these 10 movies based on their entertainment value and must-see appeal.

Although they may not be the best in every way, they are worth seeing for any sci-fi enthusiast. Therefore, don’t expect popular films since this recommendation attempts to offer some fresh, never-before-seen science fiction films.

10: Kill Command (2016)


Kill Command is a 2016 science fiction action horror film directed by Steven Gomez. The film is set in the not-too-distant future when an army of skilled troops is taken to a secluded base of operations to examine the latest batch of defense robots.

As they perform their duties, they quickly learn that their robot colleagues are more powerful and lethal than expected, forcing them to struggle for survival against the same robots they were meant to supervise.

It’s AI gone mad once more. The film leans largely on common sci-fi and action tropes but is an excellent pick if you want a visually appealing and action-packed science-fiction adventure.

9: The Darkest Minds (2018)


The Darkest Minds is a 2018 dystopian science fiction film directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The film unfolds in a dystopian future where the majority of young people have perished from a global epidemic, and those who have survived have gained abilities.

The major plot revolves around a group of teenagers who unexpectedly obtain extraordinary abilities, are labeled dangerous by the authorities, and are imprisoned. The movie, however, fell short of making the most of the book material it adapted and adhered to outdated dystopian cliches. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining watch for fans of the genre.

8: Encounter (2021)


Encounter is a 2021 sci-fi drama thriller film directed by Michael Pearce. The narrative centers on an ex-military man, Malik, who is certain that an extraterrestrial invasion is approaching.

He sets himself up for an across-the-globe adventure with his two boys in an attempt to protect themselves from an unimaginable danger. The story’s concept is thought-provoking, and it has a strong ambiance. The movie is recommended for those who enjoy intelligent science fiction as it presents an unusual viewpoint on the alien invasion genre.

7: Paul (2011)


Paul is a 2011 sci-fi comedy road film directed by Greg Mottola. The movie tells the story of two comic book fans named Clive Goldings and Graham Willie who come upon Paul the Alien in a nearby area of Area 51.

The movie chronicles their exploits as they assist Paul in avoiding intelligence agents while finding his way back to his own world.

The movie is science fiction as a whole and has a distinctive and captivating alien-on-the-run plot, full of witty nods to science fiction books and cinema. The connection between its main characters and the clever humor makes it a lot of fun to watch, fusing humor and science fiction themes.

6: Vesper (2022)


Vesper is a 2022 sci-fi film directed by Christina Boada and Bruno Samper. The film revolves around a scenario in which the environment of the planet has fallen apart, leaving survivors in isolated groups while wealthy individuals live in seclusion within the Citadel, an exclusive community.

The main plot revolves around Vesper, a teenage girl who must struggle to make ends meet with her handicapped father. Everything starts to change when a mysterious aircraft from Citadel crashes close to her home, leading her to meet Celia, a lady with odd confidential information.

Vesper uses her biohacking knowledge to battle for a chance at better survival. The film is noteworthy for its brilliantly imagined dystopian sci-fi world and is recommended for those who enjoy deep and complex science-fiction stories.

5: The Space Between Us (2017)


The Space Between Us is a 2017 romantic sci-fi film directed by Peter Chelsom. The plot centers on Gardner Elliott, a boy who becomes the first person born on Mars during a space expedition. As he matures on Mars, he befriends an Earthly girl online named Tulsa.

When he eventually gets an opportunity to travel back to Earth, he sets out on a quest to locate his father and discover life for the first time on his own planet. The film is a touching story set in the context of space travel, exploring ideas of relationships, personality, and human encounters.

While being formulaic and lacking in scientific truthfulness, the film appeals to those seeking love dramas with a sense of science fiction and space-related stories.

4: Knowing (2009)

Knowing is a 2009 science fiction thriller film directed by Alex Proyas. The movie centers on John Koestler, a teacher who finds a sequence of digits in a time capsule that points to calamities from the distant past and into the future.

He embarks on a mission to avert the ultimate disaster, but as he explores the riddle further, he learns that the equations conceal a horrifying revelation regarding the fate of mankind.

The movie’s implementation of its supernatural aspects is messy, and its plot is tricky, but Nicholas Cage gives a fun performance. Overall, the movie has amazing visuals and an interesting idea that defies logic.

You have to accept certain aspects of the plot and enjoy it for what it is. The story delivers an insightful examination of the essence of existence along with an appropriate amount of thrills and strange adventure.

3: The Invisible Man (2020)


The Invisible Man is a 2020 sci-fi horror film directed by Lee Whannell. The plot revolves around Cecilia, who thinks she is being stalked by her supposedly deceased ex-boyfriend Adrian.

She strives to persuade people of the risk she confronts while trying to find evidence that she is the target of an invisible monster. The film received high praise at its initial release, offering a smart mix of suspense, anxiety, and persistent dread of being watched.

The film’s strongest point is how well it combines social judgment and terror, making it an engaging and appropriately entertaining work of science fiction. It presents an unusual interpretation of a well-known psychological distress backed by a science fiction touch with deep emotional depth.

2: Palm Springs (2020)


Palm Springs is a 2020 sci-fi romantic comedy film directed by Max Barbakow. The film centers on Nyles and Sarah, two wedding party members who keep reliving the exact same day when they get caught in a temporal loop.

The narrative is well-written, captivating, and perfectly strikes a balance between light-hearted moments and thoughtful analyses of partnerships and life in general.

It advances the time loop genre by emphasizing the trap conditions as an interpersonal shared experience that evokes both significant connection and nasty breaking splits.

Overall, it’s a clever, humorous movie with fantastic comedic sequences and a fresh take on the time loop theme.

1: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

10 Cloverfield Lane is a 2016 sci-fi horror thriller film directed by Dan Trachtenberg. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle, a young woman who, following a car accident, awakens in a concealed bunker.

She is informed that a cataclysmic catastrophe has made the outside environment unsafe. The movie tells an interesting story that keeps viewers wondering about the real purpose of the ongoing events.

Its cramped, stressful ambiance proves excellent at building suspense and ambiguity in the bunker’s small space. Overall, it’s a suspenseful and masterfully written thriller with a spooky sci-fi puzzle that keeps the mind-tickling until the very end. It’s a sharp, enjoyable sci-fi film worth watching.

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