Top 10 Most Popular Movies on HBO MAX That You Cannot Miss

Top 10 Most Popular Movies on HBO MAX That You Cannot Miss
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10 popular movies that you can watch on HBO Max. You’d have to buy each of these movies separately on other streaming sites. When you sign up for HBO Max, you can watch a special selection of movies right away. These include highly acclaimed dramas and big-budget blockbusters. These movies are ready to have fun with you from the comfort of your own home, so let’s start.

10. The Fallout | IMDb: 7.0 (29 161)

The Fallout

The story is about Veda, a high school girl whose life changes forever after a terrible school shooting. Following the shooting, the movie starts with Veda struggling to deal with the stress she went through during the terrible event.

Veda turns to her family and friends for comfort and support as she deals with her sadness, fear, and confusion. But she also has trouble understanding and talking about how she feels. The Fallout looks at how a tragedy like this affects the people and the community as a whole. The movie is about being strong, getting better, and how important it is to connect with other people after a tragedy.

9. Those Who Wish Me Dead | IMDb: 6.0 (66 472)

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Hannah Faber is a smoke jumper who is dealing with stress from a failed mission she was sent on to a fire lookout tower in the Montana Wilderness. She meets Connor Casserly, a young boy who saw a murder and is now on the run from two relentless killers.

Hannah is trying to keep Connor safe from the killers and the deadly forest fire. Together, they go on a perilous journey through the woods, where they face life-threatening problems at every turn.

As they travel, they meet Ethan Sawyer, a local sheriff’s officer who helps them in their fight to stay alive. The killers are getting closer, and the fire is getting worse. Hannah needs to use her skills and bravery to trick the killers and keep the boys safe.

8. Malignant | IMDb: 6.2 (100 130)


The story is mostly about Madison, a woman who has horrible dreams of killing people. Because of these visions, she sees a string of murders in real life that look a lot like the ones she sees in her dreams.

As the number of bodies increases, Madison becomes more worried that she may have something to do with the killings. As the story deepens, Madison learns a shocking and supernatural truth about her past that ties her to the terrible events. When she faces a bad force from her youth, she has to face her dark past and the thing that has taken over her.

7. The Little Things | IMDb: 6.3 (112 851)

The Little Things

In the story, Joe Deacon, a fired sheriff’s deputy from Kern County, goes to Los Angeles to get proof for a case. He doesn’t want to help with the brilliant detective Jim Baxter’s high-profile murder case while he’s there, but he does.

As they look into the disturbing case, Deacon’s difficult past comes back to haunt him with memories of a serial killer case that he still can’t solve. Because the new killings and the old case have a lot in common, Deacon is sure that the two are linked and that they are dealing with the same killer.

6. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It | IMDb: 6.3 (126 618)

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The third movie in The Conjuring series is called “The Devil Made Me Do It.” It is based on the true story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, which is also known as the “Devil Made Me Do It” case.

The story is about Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are paranormal detectives and are asked to help with a very scary murder case. In this case, Arne Johnson is on trial for murder. He says he was possessed by a demon and that this is his plea.

As Ed and Lorraine look into the case, they find that the young boy who was first thought to be possessed is actually being watched by a bad spirit. They learn that the forces at work are much scarier and stronger than they thought at first.

5. Mortal Kombat | IMDb: 6.1 (182 484)

Mortal Kombat

Cole Young is a young MMA fighter who has been through a lot of fights, even ones where he had to lose. But the guy doesn’t know that right in front of him is the old Tournament of Champions, also known as Mortal Kombat.

Only certain fighters with a dragon mark on their bodies are allowed to enter. Cole has had the mark on his body since birth, but he didn’t pay attention to it until he met Sonya Blade and Jax.

They helped him save his family from Sub-Zero, a cruel fighter. Along with the other fighters, Cole will have to train hard in the temple of Raiden, the God of Thunder, and also make it through many dangerous experiences.

4. The Matrix Resurrections | IMDb: 5.7 (263 040)

The Matrix Resurrections

The American sci-fi action movie The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth movie in the series. A normal person named Thomas Anderson lives in a big city and works on making video games. He goes to a coffee shop in his free time and watches a regular customer.

He also sees a doctor for therapy sessions. Thomas needs therapy because his current life and strange memories from a different world are making him very upset.

The therapist helps Mr. Anderson see that it’s all just a game in his mind, which led to the creation of the famous series of games called The Matrix, featuring Neo, his lover Trinity, who can change into different forms, and fighting machines. He does see the White Rabbit again one day, though, and decides to follow it.

3. The Suicide Squad | IMDb: 7.2 (378 262)

The Suicide Squad

This superhero movie, The Suicide Squad, is full of action and dark humor. It was directed by James Gunn. An elite group of dangerous bad guys called Task Force X is sent on a very important mission to the island country of Corto Maltese, led by the tough Amanda Waller.

They have to face Project Starfish, a dangerous threat. The movie is about redemption, courage, and how hard it is to tell the difference between good and evil as the squad fights dangerous enemies and forms strange alliances.

The Suicide Squad is a great addition to the DC Extended Universe because it brings a new and interesting take on the anti-hero genre with its exciting action scenes and smart humor.

2. Zack Snyder’s Justice League | IMDb: 8.0 (416 209)

Zack Snyder's Justice League

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Earth is about to end because the powerful alien attacker Steppenwolf wants to get back the Mother Box’s old devices that can do a lot of damage.

Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman, is eager to stop this end-of-the-world threat, and with Diana Prince’s help, he puts together a group of metahumans.

Batman hires other amazing people with special skills, like Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, who controls the sea, Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, who can move faster than humans, and Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, who has advanced cybernetic upgrades. The Justice League has to face its darkest fears and work together to stay strong as they fight against huge odds.

1. Dune | IMDb: 8.0 (689 962)


Based on Frank Herbert’s famous book, Dune is an intense science fiction epic movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. Young Paul Atreides learns that he is destined to be a leader among the Freeman people, who have a special link to spice, the planet’s most valuable resource.

The story takes place in the desert planet Arrakis. Paul’s trip turns into a heroic quest as political intrigue and power struggles play out. It explores themes of politics, religion, and the balance of power in a futuristic world.

Dune captivates viewers with its grand scale and leaves them eagerly awaiting the next part of the saga. It has stunning visuals and an exciting plot.


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