Top 10 Thanksgiving Movies to Watch in 2023: A Cinematic Feast of Laughter and Tradition

Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving a time of gratitude and unity often involves the cherished tradition of gathering with loved ones and indulging in the warmth of family customs. While Thanksgiving may not boast a vast repertoire of songs or shows like its winter counterpart Christmas it certainly has its unique charm especially when it comes to movies.

As Thanksgiving 2023 approaches, here’s a meticulously curated list of the top 10 films that promise to add an extra layer of joy and entertainment to your holiday celebration.

1. Addams Family Values (Paramount+): A Quirky Thanksgiving Blend

Kicking off our Thanksgiving movie marathon is the eccentric Addams family in “Addams Family Values” the sequel to the ’90s classic. This film brings a unique blend of familial chaos and holiday spirit as the Addams welcome new members amidst their trademark shenanigans. The true matron of the holiday young Christina Ricci steals the show making it a must-watch for every Thanksgiving celebration.

The film unfolds as the Addams family faces familial distress with Uncle Fester’s new wife driving a wedge between him and his loved ones. What makes it a perfect Thanksgiving movie is the iconic Thanksgiving sequence wherein the Addams family children partake in a holiday stage show that ends in chaos. Addams Family Values is not just a movie; it’s a visual feast of dark humor and holiday vibes.

2. Knives Out (Pluto TV): A Twist on Tradition

For a departure from the traditional Thanksgiving theme, dive into the mystery-filled world of “Knives Out.” As the Thrombey family navigates the aftermath of a disastrous birthday viewers are treated to a rollercoaster of family drama, lies and betrayal.

While not your typical Thanksgiving movie, the intricate web of intrigue makes it a captivating choice for the holiday season. “Knives Out” follows the investigation by the world’s greatest detective Benoit Blanc into the mysterious death of patriarch Harlan Thrombey.

3. Planes Trains and Automobiles (Showtime and Hulu): Hilarious Thanksgiving Journeys

Embark on a laughter-filled Thanksgiving journey with “Planes Trains and Automobiles.” Follow the misadventures of Neal and Del as they attempt to travel from Kansas to Chicago for Thanksgiving encountering increasingly wacky situations along the way.

This classic not only features the holiday prominently but also showcases the comedic brilliance of Steve Martin and John Candy. The film captures the essence of Thanksgiving as it revolves around Neal Page (Steve Martin) who is just trying to get home to his family for the holiday.

4. The Goonies (Sling TV): A Comfortable Fall Vibe

While not directly tied to Thanksgiving “The Goonies” offers a comfortable fall vibe that’s perfect for the season. Join a group of middle school friends on a treasure hunt and revel in the camaraderie that transcends the screen.

This ’80s classic brings a sense of adventure to your Thanksgiving movie lineup. “The Goonies” sees a group of middle school-aged friends come into possession of a treasure they intend to find but they soon discover the road to riches isn’t paved with just gold.

5. Home for the Holidays (Paramount+ with Showtime): Dysfunction and Love Unleashed

“Home for the Holidays” stands as one of the most underrated Thanksgiving films of all time. Directed by Jodie Foster and featuring A-list actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Holly Hunter the film follows a divorced woman as she visits her extremely dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving. Mayhem ensues pushing them to the brink before the binding powers of family love pull them back.

6. You’ve Got Mail (Tubi): An Enemies-to-Lovers Tale

“You’ve Got Mail” tells the story of Kathleen Kelly a struggling bookstore owner who strikes up an intense romance with an online pen pal who turns out to be the owner of a corporate bookstore chain gunning for her business. Though Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks begin as rivals it’s a joy to see how they celebrate with songs dances and a whole lot of love making it a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving movie marathon.

7. Thanksgiving (In theaters): A Horror Twist on Tradition

For people who are interested in a thrilling twist on Thanksgiving, venture into theaters to experience “Thanksgiving.” This horror film takes a sharp turn from the typical holiday cheer featuring an axe-wielding murderer seeking revenge in the aftermath of a Black Friday riot. Eli Roth’s creation promises a gripping and unconventional Thanksgiving experience.

8. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Apple TV+): Timeless Animated Charm

No Thanksgiving movie list is complete without the classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Join Charlie Brown and friends as they navigate through holiday chaos reinforcing the idea that Thanksgiving is about love and togetherness. This timeless animated gem is a must-watch for all ages.

In “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” a series of hijinks hinders Charlie Brown from having the perfect Thanksgiving meal at his family’s house thanks to Peppermint Patty’s town-wide invitation. The heartwarming tale of friendship, forgiveness and gratitude is beautifully encapsulated in the Peanuts gang’s adventures during the holiday season.

9. Holidate (Netflix): Exploring Unique Relationships

Explore the dynamics of a unique agreement in “Holidate.” Sloane and Jackson decide to spend every major holiday together to avoid the woes of their love lives only to find themselves entangled in genuine emotions. Whether you’re in a fake relationship on the brink of something real or celebrating with a long-time partner “Holidate” is a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving watchlist.

10. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Netflix): Laughter Amidst Holiday Chaos

Wrap up your Thanksgiving movie marathon with laughs in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” Join Paul Blart in his comical endeavors to thwart thieves infiltrating the mall during the chaotic Black Friday rush. This hilarious film is a lighthearted choice for the whole family reminding us to be grateful for the lighter side of the holiday season. The film is a perfect choice to cap off your Thanksgiving movie night offering a blend of humor and holiday spirit.

These Thanksgiving movies promise a delightful mix of laughter tradition and even a hint of horror. As Thanksgiving 2023 approaches let these films add an extra layer of joy and entertainment to your holiday celebration. Happy watching!


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