TRON: ARES – Plot, Cast, and Release Date Revealed for the Highly Anticipated Sequel


Disney’s long-anticipated third TRON film, either titled TRON: Ares or TRON 3, has officially commenced production in Vancouver as of January 2024. Despite its initial loss of financial success, TTRON gained a cult following, main to a sequel, TRON: Legacy, in 2010. The original 1982 TRON film is now revolutionized as sci-fi cinema will bring the digital world of the Grid to life.

Here are the TRON: Ares or TRON 3 crucial details we know so far:

TRON: Ares’ Title

The film’s title is a subject of speculation, alternately known as TRON 3 or TRON: Ares. While Disney has not officially confirmed the title, a behind-the-scenes image featuring a chair labeled TR3N hints at a potential official title. For now, we’ll refer to it as TRON: Ares.

TRON: Ares’ Plot

Details concerning the plot of TRON: Ares is still behind the curtains. Unlike its predecessor, TRON: Legacy, which followed Sam Flynn and Quorra escaping the virtual territory, that indicates a fresh and unique story direction. Rumours circulate that this instalment may serve as a reboot, with Jared Leto‘s character Ares, at the vanguard. The director has hinted at a focus on artificial intelligence and the essence of humanity.

TRON: Ares’ Behind-the-Scenes

Joachim Rønning, recognized for directing projects such as Kon-Tiki and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Maleficent series, is set to helm the movie. Jesse Wigutow will craft the screenplay. While the film’s score details remain undisclosed, fans hope for echoes of Daft Punk’s iconic TRON: Legacy soundtrack.

TRON: Ares’ Cast

Jared Leto leads the ensemble cast as the potential titular character, Ares. Alongside Leto, the cast includes Evan Peters, Greta Lee, Jodie Turner-Smith, Cameron Monaghan, Sarah Desjardins, and the recent addition, X-Files icon Gillian Anderson.

TRON: Ares Release Date

With production starting in early 2024, TRON: Ares is in its developing stages. While the release date is yet to be unveiled, fans eagerly anticipate the return of the iconic mild cycles and the exploration of a new digital adventure.

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