True Detective Season 4: 4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Finn Bennett That Will Leave You Intrigued

True Detective Season 4

In the latest season of HBO’s True Detective, Finn Bennett wins the audience’s heart with his portrayal of rookie cop Peter Prior. Beyond the gripping storyline, here are four intriguing facts that illuminate the fascinating journey of this London-born Irish-British actor.

1. First Actor in the Family

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Finn Bennett reveals that he is the first actor in his family. Born and raised in Hackney, London, Finn’s academic struggles in math and science faded in comparison to his passion for drama. Despite familial paths leading to university and conventional professions, Finn embarked on a unique journey into the world of acting.

 Finn Bennett : “I’m a London born Irish-British actor (my dad is very proudly Irish), I’ve lived in Hackney my entire life, I was born in Homerton hospital. I turned 24 before Christmas. I went to a local school that was very focused on maths and science, I did alright at school but was bad at that stuff. But the happiest moment of my week was drama class. And then on Saturdays I’d do Stage Coach in Islington, and they used to select 10 or 11 or us to do a play at His Majesty’s Theatre which led to me auditioning for stuff like Top Boy and The Liar and Kiri. I’m the first actor in the family, everyone else went to university and did real things!”

2. COVID Twist in Auditions

Fate took an unexpected turn during Finn Bennett’s audition for True Detective: Night Country. Issa López, the showrunner, inadvertently transmitted COVID to Finn.

Finn Bennett: “I was grateful and lucky to be part of this. Issa López the wonderful showrunner, writer, director had seen Kiri which I did for Channel 4 when I was about 18/19. She was doing another show in London at the time so I auditioned for her, but she was doing another block and it didn’t work out. But we kept in touch and she called me one day and said I’d like you to audition for the new thing I’m working on, and I said fantastic are you working in the UK and she said, no I’m writing the new season of True Detective.”

What seemed like a setback turned into a unique opportunity as Finn, unable to attend an in-person audition, crafted an impressive tape that caught the attention of casting and HBO

Finn Bennett: “So I thought I’ll never get this but she is one of those people who you’re just drawn to, so I went along and met her. And she gave me Covid, so I couldn’t go into a meeting with casting which meant I got to do a tape for it, which I loved because it meant I could do it with a very good actor friend of mine who knew the gravity of the situation and he worked and worked on it ’til I got the take I wanted. And Issa loved it, we didn’t know how it would go down with casting and HBO that I’m a fairly small-named person, but they loved it and here we are. I feel really privileged to have had her in my corner from the start.”

3. Fearless Collaboration with Jodie Foster

Sharing the screen with Jodie Foster might daunt many, but not Finn Bennett. Standing at 5’11,” Finn frequently collaborated with the 5’3″ industry veteran. Despite the inherent intimidation, Finn embraced the challenge, drawing inspiration from his character’s admiration for Jodie’s character. The nerves were present, but Jodie’s warmth, patience, and lack of pressure created an environment where Finn flourished.

Finn Bennett:  “That’s a really good point, I don’t think many people find themselves in the situation walking onto set with a twice Academy Award winning person every day so it is for want of a better word, scary. But I suppose it helped that Pete really looks up to Danvers and is inspired by her and wants to do things well for her. And I wanted to do things well for Jodie. It didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. But Jodie is like Issa, an incredibly warm and forgiving and patient individual, so when you would get nervous in a scene, she’d just let you figure it out. There was no pressure. So, she just helps. She doesn’t make the situation worse, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

4.  Next Project:  Somewhere in Dreamland

Beyond the confines of True Detective, Finn Bennett’s acting journey continues with the upcoming movie, Somewhere in Dreamland. Directed by Colin Tilley, the horror film, adapted from Elisa Victoria’s graphic novel, features Finn in the role of Shawn. The intriguing plot revolves around Mr. Sandman, a sinister figure haunting the dreams of bullies and consuming their eyeballs. Finn’s transition from the small screen to a horror movie promises a diverse and exciting career trajectory.

Finn Bennett’s journey from a drama-loving student to a pivotal character in True Detective showcases the twists and turns that define a burgeoning actor’s path. True Detective: Night Country streams every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.


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