Was Michael Jackson’s Real Voice Different From That on Camera?

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The late Michael Jackson, known globally as the King of Pop, curated a public persona through his music, live performances, fashion, and music videos, which he called short films.

Jackson’s soft and high-pitched speaking voice was a part of this public image, but people who knew him personally have come forward to claim that his public persona did not reflect his true self.

Jackson’s image was aimed at families and young people, reflecting his own views about his stolen childhood and his desire to remain youthful. His trademark voice was a key part of this “Peter Pan” image, alongside his signature dance moves and glittery glove.

However, many insiders have claimed that his public voice was not his true voice, including his former musical director Samm Brown III, who revealed that Jackson’s real voice was deeper than his public one.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2005, Lisa Marie Presley, Jackson’s ex-wife, also confirmed that Jackson spoke to her in a “normal” voice when they first met off-camera, suggesting that his public persona was carefully crafted to appeal to his audience.


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