What Happened to Linda Okoli Winner of Surviving Paradise?

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The reality survival game show, Surviving Paradise on Netflix brought a unique twist to its contestants, catching them off guard. Initially expecting a luxurious island villa, they soon found themselves faced with the challenge of surviving in the wilderness with the game’s premise involving the eviction of half the players.

Linda Okoli, one of the finalists embarked on a journey to survive the elimination process. If you are curious about where she is now, we have got the answers for you.

Surviving Paradise Journey

In Surviving Paradise, eliminations came swiftly and the connections and alliances formed among the contestants played a crucial role in shaping the final episode. Eva’s final vote after being eliminated held the key.

She chose to send Alex home which meant that Linda advanced to the final round. Linda in turn, voted for Hayley to leave the villa leaving four finalists to battle it out.

Linda Okoli – Survivor and Achiever

Linda Okoli originally from Nigeria, pursued her educational and professional journey with determination. She attended Baylor University and worked as an office assistant until 2015. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Baylor University and continued her personal development journey.

In 2018, she completed her real estate education at the Champions School of Real Estate. Linda also attended Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law and graduated with honors.

Where is Linda Okoli Today?

Currently, Linda resides in the Greater Houston area of Texas and remains active in the field of entertainment. She continues her role at the radio station KTSU 90.9 FM, where she has been reporting on sports and entertainment news for the past two years.

In addition to her radio work, Linda serves as a self-employed Digital Content Creator for LifeOnLOC Services. Her creative talents extend to various facets of the entertainment industry.

Linda recently celebrated her 30th birthday in September 2023, marking another milestone in her journey.


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