What’s the Age Difference Between Star Walker Scobell and the Character Percy Jackson?


In a long-awaited journey to the mythical world of Percy Jackson, Disney+ introduces Walker Scobell. He steps into the role of the eponymous hero, in Rick Riordan‘s iconic young adult book series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Percy Jackson and the Olympians come alive with a fresh portrayal of The Lightning Thief to excite a new generation of the young audience.

Riordan’s novels, starting with The Lightning Thief in 2008, have been literary landmarks for preteens, immersing readers in an adventure woven with Greek mythology. Staying true to the source material, the central character, Percy Jackson, is introduced as a 12-year-old in the books. This detail is faithfully mirrored in Scobell’s portrayal on the TV show.

This age alignment starkly contrasts the 2010 Percy Jackson film, where Logan Lerman’s portrayal aged the character to 16. In the current Disney+ adaptation, Scobell auditioned at 12 in 2021, took on the role at 13 in 2022, and has since turned 14. Despite the slight age progression, Scobell’s on-screen transformation mirrors Percy’s own growth throughout the book series.

In Riordan’s sequel, Sea of Monsters, Percy evolves to the age of 13, with the character ultimately reaching 16 by the conclusion of the fifth and final book, The Last Olympian. While Disney has yet to confirm Season 2, the positive reception suggests a green light is imminent.

Beck Riordan, the executive producer and Rick Riordan’s wife, has hinted at a Season 2 outline ready for production. If the series maintains a consistent production cycle, Scobell’s age, aligning with the character’s journey, sets the stage for an authentic portrayal of Percy’s coming-of-age story.

As new episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians continue to enchant viewers every Tuesday on Disney+, the anticipation for a faithful adaptation of Riordan’s beloved series remains high.

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