Where To Expect Asajj Ventress’s Appearances After The Bad Batch Season 3?

Asajj Ventress's Appearances After The Bad Batch Season 3

The trailer for The Bad Batch Season 3 has sent shockwaves through the Star Wars fan community by announcing the return of a beloved character, Asajj Ventress.

Fans adore Ventress for her transformation from Sith apprentice to anti-hero and her thrilling backstory. Her return in the final episodes of the animated series has sparked discussions about her potential role in future Star Wars projects. Creators have hinted at her ongoing participation in other endeavors within the franchise.

Ventress’s last canonical appearance occurred in the book Dark Disciple, a few months after her very last look in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five, Episode 20.

However, during an interview with The Direct, The Bad Batch Head Writer Jennifer Corbett and Supervising Director Brad Rau hinted that Ventress could make more appearances in future Star Wars projects.

Rau revealed that the creative team was thrilled to “figure out that we could bring her (Ventress) into the storyline. We were very excited. We pulled designs from unaired arcs of the Clone Wars which inspired the novel 'Dark Disciple', and we're not contradicting anything that happened in ‘Dark Disciple’.”

However, he teased that not all of Ventress’s story would be told in The Bad Batch, hinting at potential future appearances in other projects.

"But I will say that not all of the answers to the mystery of interest will be told in 'The Bad Batch' show. There may be future answers down the road in something else. But it was really great to have that character in our show to interact with our characters. [It] was really cool.”

This news has left fans eagerly speculating about where Ventress might appear next. One exciting possibility is a live-action debut, which would undoubtedly send fans into a frenzy. Ventress’s knowledge of Nightsister’s magic could tie into larger storylines, such as the battle against Thrawn alongside characters like Hera and Ezra.

Additionally, with Republic Commando’s Delta Squad making an appearance in The Bad Batch, fans are hopeful for further exploration of these characters. While Scorch has already made an appearance, there’s potential for more developments that could provide resolution for these fan-favorite characters, according to Jennifer Corbett.

 “Well, for ‘The Bad Batch’, you'll be seeing Scorch more. But, as for other Republican Commandos, I can't really say. But you know, there are so many stories to tell in Star Wars. So I'd say nothing's out of the realm of possibility for future content.”

As for the future of animated shows in the Star Wars universe, speculation runs rampant. Many fans look forward to exploring the High Republic Era, hoping for exciting new stories and characters to enjoy.

With The Bad Batch Season 3 set to premiere on 21st February on Disney+, fans won’t have to wait long to see how Ventress’s story unfolds.

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