Who can Stop Dabi in My Hero Academia?

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My Hero Academia has unveiled a heartbreaking moment in its latest chapter as Rei Himura, Shoto’s mother, steps forward to stop her son, Dabi (Toya Todoroki). Dabi is on the brink of exploding with his fiery quirk in a bid to seek revenge against his father, Endeavor. The explosion would have catastrophic consequences, killing many innocent people in the area. With Endeavor struggling to contain his son, Rei appears out of nowhere, ready to help her estranged husband and save her deranged son.

For those who follow My Hero Academia, the Todoroki family’s tragic backstory is well-known. Endeavor, once a great hero, became consumed by his desire to surpass All Might and decided to marry into the Himura family to mix his fire-based quirk with Rei’s ice powers. His goal was to create the perfect offspring who could surpass All Might. Unfortunately, only their fourth child, Shoto, inherited both powers, leaving Toya feeling abandoned by his father. His despair led him down a dark path, and he returned years later as the villain Dabi, determined to inflict pain and misery upon his father and little brother.

The story is a poignant reminder of the human cost of ambition and the importance of family. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting one’s desires ahead of the well-being of loved ones. In the end, Rei’s love and compassion for her family are the only hope for saving them from the destructive consequences of their choices.


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