Who is Hallmark’s Lacey’s favorite co-star?

Hallmark's Lacey's favorite co-star

Throughout her career, actress Lacey Chabert, who is most known for her appearances in Hallmark movies, has shared the screen with a number of notable performers. Her admirers frequently ask her whether she has a favorite co-star among the likes of Brennan Elliott, Will Kemp, and Tyler Hynes.

Chabert recently spoke with US Magazine about her new film, The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango, in which she and Will Kemp, with whom she had previously collaborated in the fan-favorite Christmas Waltz, will return. The Mean Girls actor responded delicately when asked who her favorite Hallmark co-star was: “Oh my gosh, I think it would be terrible to pick a favorite because they’re all dear friends of mine.”

According to Chabert, the performers of Hallmark are like a “little family” both on and off set. They have a mutually supportive relationship, as seen by their desire to hang together when filming in the same city and by their social media activities. Filming in Vancouver at the same time as Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker, Kristoffer Polaha, Michael Rady, and Benjamin Ayres sparked the concept for Ayres’s selfless Romance University.

Chabert underlined the reasons why so many performers love working for the network by comparing the on-set atmosphere at Hallmark to being “at camp together.” The environment is kind and encouraging, leading to close friendships among the staff. Chabert does not have a favorite co-star because she enjoys working with all of them, including Brennan Elliott, Tyler Hynes, and Will Kemp.

The performers have a great time working in the Hallmark family because of the true bonds they form with one another and the supportive atmosphere.


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