Why Jennifer Was Recast Twice in Back To The Future

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Jennifer, a recurring character in the Back to the Future movies, was portrayed by two different actresses. Jennifer was played by Claudia Wells in the first film and Elizabeth Shue in the second and third installments of the Back to the Future franchise. Not all of the tension surrounding Jennifer’s casting occurred when she was replaced in the second film.

Claudia Wells was supposed to play Jennifer again in Back to the Future Part II, but she had to drop out due to a schedule difficulty. Melora Hardin succeeded him in the part, though at the time Eric Stoltz still portrayed Marty McFly.

The producers concluded after six weeks of filming that Stoltz wasn’t the ideal choice for the character, so they replaced him with Michael J. Fox. Hardin was unable to play opposite Fox because of her height.

Wells’ schedule had finally cleared up at this point, so she could reprise her part as Jennifer for the remaining films. The decision to recast Jennifer may have confused some viewers, but it was necessary in order to select the appropriate people in the proper roles.

All of the females who portrayed Jennifer were important to the series’ success, and the Back to the Future films are still widely regarded as classics.


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