Why Mission: Impossible 8 Filming has Stopped?

Why Mission: Impossible 8 Filming has Stopped?

The release of Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part Two, starring Tom Cruise, has been pushed back again, and some have speculated that a writer’s strike is to blame.

The present writer’s strike does not appear to be the cause of the alleged delays. While many Hollywood films have been put on hold because of the strike, Mission: Impossible 8 has its own problems, including Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie’s hectic schedule promoting Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning, Part 1.

According to Deadline, Cruise and McQuarrie have put their usual hectic schedule of dangerous stunts on hold so that they may go on a publicity tour for the first half of the two-part tale, which is planned for publication on July 12. After wrapping up their promotional duties, they want to get back to work on Dead Reckoning Part 2 in time for its June 2024 publication date.

McQuarrie admitted in an interview with Empire Magazine that the production of the two-part picture, widely believed to be Cruise’s last appearance as Ethan Hunt, had been hampered by a series of continuous delays. According to the director, the situation is “unrelenting,” like a never-ending series of tsunamis. He said, “We are on high alert for tsunamis at all times. That’s just the way we operate.

McQuarrie has stated that, despite the setbacks, the movie is only 40% shot, so there is still a sizable amount of filming to be done whenever production picks back up. The most recent information, however, indicates that the picture will debut as scheduled next summer.

As Cruise and McQuarrie try to juggle their promotional obligations for Dead Reckoning Part Two with the production needs of the upcoming Mission: Impossible film, fans will have to be patient.


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