Why the Jedi Were Right: Lessons from the Skywalker Family Tree

Why the Jedi Were Right Lessons from the Skywalker Family Tree

The Jedi Order’s rule against attachments is supported by the Skywalker family’s story in Star Wars.

Despite being a central part of the saga, the Skywalkers’ legacy highlights the potential dangers of forming attachments.

The Jedi Order’s Ideals

Since the days of the Republic, the Jedi have upheld strict rules against attachment. These beliefs rooted in the Jedi Code were further explored in the prequel trilogy shedding light on the Order’s values.

The Skywalker Dynasty

In both canon and Legends, the Skywalkers became a prominent family. From Anakin and Padmé to Luke and Leia, their lineage extended through generations. However, their influence brought both light and darkness to the galaxy.

The Dark Side of Attachment

The Skywalker family’s story illustrates the dark consequences of attachments. From Anakin’s fall to Darth Vader to Ben Solo’s transformation into Kylo Ren, attachments led to turmoil and conflict.

Genetic Component of the Skywalker Line

There seems to be a genetic predisposition within the Skywalker bloodline towards both light and dark aspects of the Force. This inherent duality caused immense suffering and could have been avoided if attachments were forbidden.

The Importance of Diversity in the Jedi Order

The Jedi Order thrived when it embraced diversity drawing members from all walks of life. However, the dominance of the Skywalker family threatened this diversity and led to an imbalance in the Force.

Moving Beyond the Skywalker Saga

As Rey Skywalker seeks to establish a new Jedi Order, she aims to learn from the mistakes of the past. By acknowledging her lineage but forging her path, Rey hopes to guide the Order toward a future free from attachment and the lure of the dark side.

The Skywalker family’s story serves as a cautionary tale reaffirming the wisdom of the Jedi Order’s teachings against attachment.

As the galaxy moves forward, Rey Skywalker’s journey symbolizes a new hope for a balanced and diverse Jedi Order.


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