Will Boruto’s New Eng Dub Episodes ever be Released?

Boruto New Eng Dub Episodes

Boruto, a highly popular manga series, has faced numerous challenges with its anime adaptation, particularly concerning its English dub release. With Season 1 concluded, Western fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the Boruto English dub regarding its availability for streaming.

The English dubbed version of Boruto has been subject to several issues and controversies, such as delays, contract changes, and streaming problems. Initially, the Adult Swim platform distributed the dubbed version, but it faced some challenges, leading to a slow release. Eventually, VIZ Media took over distribution and released the English dubbed version up to episode 231 through VIZ box set collections.

Despite progress, fans encounter hurdles in accessing dubbed episodes on streaming platforms. Hulu, Disney’s streaming service, has faced criticism for its delayed releases, offering only up to episode 155. Similarly, Funimation and Crunchyroll subscribers have reported problems with sporadic additions and removals of licensed Boruto episodes.

Presently, 231 out of 294 episodes of Boruto Season 1 have been dubbed, leaving a gap for English-preferring audiences. Since March 2023, there has been no new release of the anime Boruto, leaving fans unsure about the episode’s future. Many fans are disappointed with the anime in comparison to its predecessor Naruto.

As of now, the Boruto English dub’s future remains uncertain, underscoring the complexities of global distribution and licensing issues in the anime industry.


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