Will Helen Hunt Return for Twisters 2 Sequel?

Helen Hunt Return for Twisters 2

As anticipation builds for the release of Twisters 2, fans are curious if Helen Hunt will reprise her role in the upcoming sequel. The first trailer for the film debuted during Super Bowl LVIII sparking speculation about the involvement of the original cast.

Twisters 2 Trailer Debut

During Super Bowl LVIII, Universal Pictures unveiled the first trailer for Twisters, the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 hit film Twister.

The trailer introduced a new cast including Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos and David Corenswet as they embark on a thrilling storm-chasing adventure.

Helen Hunt’s Potential Return

Questions arise about whether Helen Hunt will return for Twisters 2 after her absence from the trailer.

In the original film, Hunt played the role of Jo Harding, a prominent storm chaser. However there has been no official confirmation regarding her involvement in the sequel.

Past Discussions on a Sequel

In the past, there were discussions about a sequel to Twister involving Helen Hunt and actor Daveed Diggs. They envisioned a sequel with a diverse cast and storyline but the project faced challenges and ultimately did not materialize. Despite efforts to push for diversity in casting, the sequel did not progress as expected.

Uncertainty Surrounding Hunt’s Return

While Helen Hunt has expressed interest in directing a sequel with a diverse cast, there has been limited discussion about her involvement in Twisters 2. Recent interviews with the cast and production team have not provided clarity on whether Hunt will return to reprise her iconic role.

Impact of New Storyline

According to Glen Powell, Twisters 2 will feature an entirely new storyline unrelated to the events of the original film. This standalone approach suggests that the sequel may not rely on returning characters further casting doubt on Hunt’s potential return.

Release Date

Twisters is scheduled to hit theaters on July 19 offering audiences a fresh take on the storm-chasing adventure genre. Despite uncertainties surrounding Helen Hunt’s involvement, the sequel promises an exhilarating cinematic experience for fans of the original film.


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