Wonder Woman fans Surprised as James Gunn is replacing Gal Gadot with a ‘Morbius’ veteran


James Gunn has confirmed that Wonder Woman will be an essential part of his plans for the DC Universe, with a Paradise Lost prequel series and a mysterious animated project in the works.

However, fans are speculating about who could potentially replace Gal Gadot in the role of Diana Prince, as it’s unclear if she will continue to play the character. One name that has emerged in the conversation is Adria Arjona, an accomplished actress who recently starred in the Star Wars series Andor.

Although Arjona appeared in the critically-panned Morbius as Jared Leto’s love interest, fans are pointing to her strong performance as Bix Caleen in Andor as evidence of her potential to play the Themysciran princess.

Some have suggested that DC should cast an actress with Greek ancestry as Wonder Woman, but others argue that Arjona’s Puerto Rican heritage should not be an issue, especially since Rosario Dawson has also voiced the character in animated productions.

Despite the speculation, nothing has been confirmed and Gadot remains the current face of Wonder Woman in the DCU.


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