Working With Mike Myers Was Horrible As per Fellow Star

Working With Mike Myers Was Horrible As per Fellow Star
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Recently, Jay Brody, a former bodyguard-turned-radio DJ, talked about his time spent with Mike Myers on the set of The Love Guru (2008). After only a few hours on the job as a security, according to Brody, he was dismissed for making eye contact with Myers (who was obviously acting and using makeup). His coworkers, he said, were all let go within two days. Amy Hill, who co-starred with Myers in the 2003 picture The Cat in the Hat, has also spoken out about her bad experience on set, so Brody’s story isn’t the first of its kind. Hill called working on the film a “horrible, nightmarish experience” and called Myers a “diva” in an interview. He also claimed that Myers had his managers decorate his trailer and conceal his area with tenting so that no one would be able to see him on set. Hill also stated that Myers frequently held the actors and staff waiting because he refused to talk to anyone there. Since she was absent during her daughter’s formative years, she considered his conduct to be particularly disrespectful and insensitive. Hill went so far as to suggest that Myers’ behavior was typical of “divas” or people in need of treatment by telling a story about a crew member who would bring sweets to the set whenever she was working with Myers. Brody and Hill’s testimonies seem to corroborate each other, suggesting that Myers’ on-set conduct was less than stellar. The agent for Myers has been contacted by Best Life for feedback.


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