Young Sheldon Seasons 1-5 Arriving on Netflix US in November 2023

Image Credit Netflix

Netflix is set to welcome the beloved CBS sitcom “Young Sheldon” to its US library adding multiple seasons to its content lineup. The show is based on the popular series “The Big Bang Theory” has been a consistent hit and fans can anticipate binge-watching the prequel’s early seasons starting November 24th, 2023.


“Young Sheldon” originally aired on CBS for six seasons comprising 127 episodes. The show is a spin-off created by Chuck Lorre, registers the adventures of a young Sheldon Cooper as he navigates life and school.

Although CBS airs the series the underlying rights are owned by Warner Bros. Television which has chosen to license the show to Netflix in numerous countries globally.

International Availability

Netflix has already secured the rights to “Young Sheldon” in various international territories including the United States Canada and Australia.

The show has been well-received with Netflix UK acquiring the rights in 2021 and subsequently adding new seasons annually. While most international regions have access to seasons 1-6 some like India currently have up to season 4.

Potential Inclusion of “The Big Bang Theory”

While “Young Sheldon” finds a new home on Netflix US there is uncertainty about whether its predecessor “The Big Bang Theory” will join the streaming platform in the United States.

Speculation suggests that due to the series’ frequent appearances in Nielsen top 10s, Warner Bros. Discovery may opt to keep it exclusive to its platform HBO Max.

Netflix Debut Date

A recent update on the “Young Sheldon” page confirms that Netflix US will introduce multiple seasons of the show for the first time on November 24th, 2023. Although not initially part of Netflix’s November 2023 lineup the addition of “Young Sheldon” comes as a surprise to subscribers.

Licensing Details

Netflix US is expected to feature seasons 1 through 5 of “Young Sheldon.” Warner Bros. Television’s licensing approach has been non-exclusive, allowing titles including select HBO library content to coexist on both Max and Netflix. The same arrangement is likely for “Young Sheldon.”

Fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the early adventures of young Sheldon Cooper as “Young Sheldon” brings its first five seasons to Netflix US later this month.


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